Cheap TeamSpeak 3 Servers US

Cheap TeamSpeak 3 Servers US

We are TeamSpeak 3 Server Provider with the best prices in the world.

TeamSpeak 3 is a software conferencing solution that allows users to communicate with each other.

TeamSpeak 3 is great for gamers and businesses alike as a cheap way to communicate no matter where your users are physically located.

TeamSpeak has two parts, a client end which is installed on your PC and a server end provided by us.

United States

When you purchase service from us, you're purchasing a dedicated server which is set aside for your personal or professional use.

This allows you and your friends or business colleagues to install the client software and connect to your dedicated server using the provided address and port sent to you after purchase.

There is a multitude of management capabilities which allows you to change the settings of your server through either the client software or the control panel which we also provide you.

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